Bates Technology IT Managed Services

Cloud Virtual Desktop Environment FAQ

Q1: Who do I contact if I can't login or my virtual environment will not launch?

A: Contact Bates Technology at 859-759-4509 or email and one of our service team members will happily resolve this issue.

Q2: Can I span my virtual desktop on multiple monitors?

A: Yes, you can span your virtual desktop session to multiple monitors. If all of your monitors are connected when you first launch the virtual desktop, it should automatically display across all of them. If you connect the monitors after the virtual environment is launched, you will need to manually stretch the display.

  1. Switch the virtual environment to Windowed view
  2. Drag the edge of that window into the monitors on which you want it to display
  3. Click the Maximize button (small square icon next to the red X in the top-right corner)

Q3: Can I copy-paste data to and from my virtual desktop to my computer?

A: No, we do not support that function for security purposes.

Q4: Why is Outlook asking me to allow emails?

A: Programmatic Access is a security feature of Outlook. It detects when a program attempts to send email on your behalf. By default, Bates Technology disables this setting when setting up the virtual desktop. After an update to the desktop or Office software, this setting will sometimes re-enable. Contact the Bates Technology support desk to assist with disabling the setting. Contact Bates Technology at 859-759-4509 or email

Q5: AMS is not behaving properly. What should I do?

A: Contact Bates Technology at 859-759-4509 or email

Q6: One of my applications is not functioning properly?

A: Contact Bates Technology at 859-759-4509 or email

Q7: How can I fix call quality with VoIP client soft phone?

A: Contact Bates Technology at 859-759-4509 or email

Q9: How do I sync OneDrive to my virtual environment?

A: OneDrive was configured by Bates Technology upon provisioning your virtual desktop. Should the scope of your access change and you require more storage space for OneDrive files, please contact Bates Technology Support.

Q10: If I encounter general instability (apps running slowly, error messages) what should I do?

A: The best starting option is to restart your virtual desktop. Within the virtual desktop, click the Start button, click the 'Power' button, and select 'Restart' from the options there. The virtual desktop will take up to 5 minutes to fully complete. If a restart does not resolve these issues, please contact Heron Support.

Contact us for these and all other virtual desktop questions! Contact Bates Technology Support at 859-759-4509 or email support@batestechnologycom.