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Managed IT Services Our comprehensive IT managed services solutions include Service Desk Support and Remote Management and Monitoring. Learn more now!

Our Service Desk Support is there to answer your call when you need help. For one low flat fee per month, per device you'll enjoy:

  • 24/7/365 Device Monitoring (Firewall Switches, Access Points, Desktops and Laptops)
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection (Webroot SecureAnywhere)
  • Microsoft Management
  • Third-Party Patch Management (Adobe, Java, Apple, Mozilla)
  • PC/Laptop Health Screening
  • Device Support and Problem Resolution
  • Application Management
  • Asset Management
  • Third-Party Technology Vendor Management
  • Does Not Include On-Site Technical Support

Bates Technology operates a US-Based remote Service Desk Support center that is staffed 5 days a week from 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST. We do not outsource support. All support is handled from our office by trained professionals.

Support highlights

  • Experienced, polite technical staff
  • Flat rate pricing
  • Real time alerts via email
  • Network Monitoring

Bates' Remote Monitoring and Management Tools use enterprise-level functionality to monitor the availability and performance of IP-enabled devices, including your desktop and laptop computers, servers, printers, and other network devices such as firewalls, routers and switches. Our Single Comprehensive Console monitors all your networks and devices and notifies us of any potential problems before you're even aware something is wrong. Our platform delivers industry-leading availability, performance, and capacity monitoring which gives us more insight into every aspect of your IT infrastructure to prevent and stop outages before they even start.


Learn more about being ahead of your next outage with our RMM solution

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Technology as a Service (TaaS) The TaaS program eliminates the steep upfront costs of buying new equipment and maintaining it. Bates' Technology as a Service program makes it easier than ever to keep your technology up-to-date and secure.

Business Computer, Networking Equipment, and Peripheral Equipment Rentals Program

With our TaaS (Technology as a Service) program, you can get the new computers, networking equipment, and peripherals you need to maintain top efficiency for a low flat monthly fee per device. With the TaaS program you access the latest technology without the upfront expense and high overhead of on-going maintenance, patches, bug fixes, security updates, and more. It was designed exclusively for growing businesses and is a competitively priced, all-inclusive offering that makes updating your office equipment easier than ever.


Bates Technology provides enterprise-quality hardware, software, licensing, manufacturer extended on-site warranty, 48-hour replacement of failed devices, and ecofriendly decommissioning of end-of-life equipment for one low flat rate per month per device.

TaaS Perks:

  • Avoid tedious maintenance of hardware, software, security, and licensing
  • Enjoy fast, efficient, standardized, secure hardware without the hassle of maintenance
  • For the life of the term, any defective or failed device will be replaced within 48-hours
  • Get everything from computers to networking equipment and more through the TaaS program!

Boost your productivity and reduce downtime with the included expert support team to diagnose and repair problems as they occur.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Disaster recovery is a critical piece of maintaining the security and integrity of any business. Learn how we can provide 'always on' backup security through our partnership with Datto.

Disaster recovery isn't something businesses like to think about but must. The fact is, 90% of companies experience some form of downtime, which may result in loss of data, security, productivity, revenue and customer confidence. And that downtime is costly. Reportedly an hour of downtime costs $8,000 for a small company, $74,000 for a medium-sized company, and up to $700,000 for a large enterprise. We partner with Datto to provide the most powerful and flexible disaster recovery tools available. We deploy a variety of tools to ensure your computers, network and data are backed-up continuously so recovery is fast and efficient. Using enterprise-grade functionality, Datto's solutions deliver all the functionality but are priced for small businesses.

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Phone Architecture - VoIP Bates partners with top Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology providers to offer seamlessly integrated voice and data traffic into one physical network.

Hello? Bates Technology here! When you need a reliable smart phone system that accommodates your growing organization, we've got you covered. Bates partners with top Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology providers to offer seamlessly integrated voice and data traffic into one physical network, resulting in a more flexible, cost-effective, and progressive telecommunications solutions.

Our managed VoIP phone service uses cloud-based hosting which eliminates the traditional hardware overhead and expense. This also enables the phone system to continue to grow with your company. Additional lines, feature upgrades, and software updates are instantaneous with the click of a button! With our Managed VoIP cloud service, you can rest assured that your business needs will be met and far exceeded. With VoIP from Bates, you won't have any more dropped calls, scratchy service or missed messages.

Office 365 Administration Bates handles everything to get your Office 365 solution deployed and manages your user’s needs continuously to maintain continuity, security, and consistency.

Your email system is the lifeline of your employees and the main driver of how most businesses get things done fast and efficiently today. Bates handles everything to get your Office 365 solution deployed, including managing your user's needs continuously to maintain continuity, security, and consistency. We also specialized in Office 365 migrations and handle all project management aspects of your transition. We will provide the management, monitoring, and reporting of your Office 365 environment so you don't have to.

We handle:

  • Creating new Office 365 accounts
  • Disabling Office 365 Accounts
  • Resetting User Passwords
  • Changing a User Name
  • Editing mailbox permissions
  • Changing mailbox settings
  • Exporting mailbox to a PST file
  • And more!

Need to migrate your existing email platform over to Office 365? We can help!

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Managed Print Services Take printer headaches off your plate! With Bates Technology Print Services, we partner with Xerox to handle all the service, support, maintenance, supplies and more to make printing as simple as a convenient cost per page expense. Learn more now.

Bates can handle all your printer management needs. Our Managed Print Service Solution is backed by best-in-class equipment from top print manufacturer Xerox, who has solutions to fit any small or large need. Our service is all-inclusive and includes all service calls, parts, maintenance, supplies, and even the printer in one convenient cost-per-page cost. This solution eliminates the upfront expense for equipment and gives you the ability to claim your printing costs as an operating expense for tax purposes.

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Internet ISP Services Looking to upgrade your internet? Need a more stable ISP solution?

Bates Technology can provide you with options from all major Internet Service Providers and provide you with competitive quotes. Bates will also help you implement these services and work directly with the carrier to ensure a smooth install process.

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