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Hidden Cybersecurity Threats That Might Surprise You

April 28th, 2021 by admin

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There is a critical element of cybersecurity where many businesses are failing through little fault of their own: there are too few skilled security experts to fill the cybersecurity industry’s growing demand. And this talent gap makes it almost impossible for most companies to meet the ever-evolving threat of cyberattacks.

According to the annual (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, the workforce gap currently amounts to almost three million cybersecurity specialists worldwide and the problem is getting worse. More than 90% of IT teams surveyed by the Cybersecurity Hub in May 2019 said that the cybersecurity talent crisis was an ongoing pain point for their security teams – up from 70% just six months ago.

Both governments and the private sector are scrambling for a dwindling pool of cybersecurity talent. While security education and self-taught ethical hackers are growing the profession, there simply aren’t enough people to fill the gaps. Small and mid-sized enterprises in particular struggle to provide a compensation package that attracts and retains talent.

Yet, no company can afford to leave cybersecurity to chance. IBM’s 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Study reports that the average cost to companies is $3.92 million, with hackers making off with 25,575 records per data breach on average.

Without a fully staffed team to manage risk and respond to threats, your organization is exposed to potential losses that could topple millions of dollars.

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Evaluating Outsourced Solutions

If companies can’t hire the talent, they need to detect intrusions and protect their networks, they must look outside the organization. Many firms consider handing the job to a managed security services provider (MSSP), who can provide a degree of monitoring and management, virus and spam blocking, firewalls, and possibly intrusion detection or VPNs.

What organizations of all sizes truly need today to protect themselves are the robust capabilities of a security operations center (SOC). Unfortunately, in-house SOCs are prohibitively expensive for many companies and require talent they can’t easily find. The good news is that these companies can now leverage SOC-as-a-service through third-party providers for greater control over their cybersecurity, a wider range of tools, and direct access to experts. SOC-as-a-service offer the best of both worlds—access to cybersecurity expertise without the cost of building an in-house team.

Close the Gap with a SOC-as-a-Service

With Arctic Wolf SOC-as-a-service, companies gain access not only to advanced machine learning, managed detection and response (MDR), and up-to-the-minute threat intelligence, but also to a world- class Concierge Security Team™ (CST) of skilled security experts. Included with the service:

  • The CST conducts both routine and non-routine tasks to protect your organization from known and emerging threats.
  • Multiple sources are used to identify threats and the network is monitored 24/7 to spot intruders when (not if) they seek to cause havoc.
  • A customer portal that offers tactical and strategic insights on security and compliance needs.
  • Services customized to each firm’s needs to give them a fully staffed team to manage risk and respond to threats.

Request a quote for comprehensive managed cybersecurity today! Heron is here to help.

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